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Our view is that SBR is the hardest of the ACCA exams. To pass the SBR exam, students need broad and in-depth financial reporting knowledge, as well as excellent exam technique to be able to deal effectively with time pressured requirement. Our SBR tuition covers the essential brought forward Financial Reporting (FR) content as well as the frequently examined advanced technical areas (financial instruments, share based payments, pensions, deferred tax and groups). Tuition is extremely exam focused and once a technical subject has been taught, we will develop your exam technique by teaching you exactly how to read, interpret and analyse the exam paper, before showing you how to structure and type your answer for each of the four SBR questions. The four SBR questions are very different from one another so we have devised the optimal exam strategy for each. The exam techniques you will be taught are those which enabled your tutor to win several prestigious prizes and this tuition approach has resulted in us consistently achieving pass rates above the ACCA average.

A small sample of our student feedback can be found below.

Kieran's exam technique was definitely a major factor which enabled me pass the exam. It taught me to adopt a consistent approach. I will certainly recommend you to other students as I passed the paper!                           Dakshina (student who passed first time with us)

I passed! 50%, so I'm calling it an efficient pass! But given that the highest mark I've had in the previous five attempts at this paper was about 25 that's massive for me. Thank you - no way I could've done it without you! 

Elle (Resit student who passed first time with us having failed 5 times with other tuition providers) 

The focus on exam technique using past papers helped me perform better in the actual exam, doing them gave me a good idea of the sorts of things that could come up. The exam tips were really great.

I would recommend the course to other students. I thought the classroom software and recordings meant it was easily accessible, and the content was delivered in a simple but effective manner.

Mark, (resit student who passed first time with us having failed with other tuition providers)

Kieran saved my ar*e with P2. I never would have got through it without him.

Pani (resit student who passed first time with us having failed 5 times with other tuition providers)


To get you through your Strategic Business Reporting exam, we offer one-to-one online classes and recorded webinar classes. It is possible to combine both methods of tuition.

Strategic Business Reporting Exam Masterclass webinars ​(COMING SOON)

To get you through your SBR exam with top marks, our prize-winning Senior ACCA tutor Kieran Doe has recorded a series of exam masterclasses.

Each class explains the key technical concepts and demonstrates the optimal exam technique for each type of exam question by working through recent exam questions from the in full. The classes apply the exam strategies and techniques which resulted in Kieran winning several prizes from for his performance in the Chartered Accountancy exams. 

Many students prefer the masterclass webinars to one-to-one tuition as they offer a lower cost option whilst yielding exactly the same benefits. You can view one of the masterclasses below. 

The classes are structured as follows:

  1. Assets

  2. Leases

  3. Financial Instruments and Hedging

  4. Share Based Payments

  5. Pensions

  6. Tax

  7. Groups

  8. Q1 Exam technique masterclass

  9. Q2 Exam technique masterclass

  10. Q3 Exam technique masterclass

  11. Q4 Exam technique masterclass

  1. FR revision: Revenue

  2. FR revision: Provisions

  3. FR revision: Foreign exchange

  4. FR revision: Single entity accounts 

  5. FR revision: Groups - basics

  6. FR revision: Groups - Statement of Financial Position 

  7. FR revision: Groups - Income Statement and Statement of Changes in Equity

  8. FR revision: Groups - Cash Flow Statement

You can purchase each individual class via PayPal for only £30. You can then watch the class as many times as you need to ensure that you have mastered the technical principles and exam techniques taught during the class. You can stream the classes directly below and view them on any device which has internet connection within the 72 hour viewing period. If you require access for longer than 72 hours, we suggest that you opt for the Full Series Offer - see below for details. 


You can subscribe to all of the classes for £195 and enjoy a viewing period of up to 6 months. Just click on the rent icon on the video below to purchase via PayPal.


Please note that this is a monthly channel subscription so you will need to cancel your subscription a day before the end of the first month. You can cancel your subscription via PayPal. If you require access for longer than one month then please email us your PayPal payment confirmation email and we will send you a link to the videos so you can continue watching the videos for a further 5 months. There is no additional charge for this.

One-to-one tuition

Having one-to-one tuition with one of our expert SBR tutors enables you to focus on particular areas you struggle to understand.

Tuition fees are £85 per hour. Tuition is held online.

Online tuition operates in exactly the same way as face-to-face tuition. Our online classroom software uses video conferencing, screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, ACCA exam papers and computer based exam software.                                                                                                                                                                                       ​

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